When my baby brother is getting it in I’m just like ….. kristopherzay

Rocket is 6 weeks old today. She is just learning to smile and hold up her head like a pro and she grunts like a little dragon. I passed down my awkward big feet/hands and elf ears to her—she makes me proud of something I used to be so ashamed of. She is my champion.
~ Lights

One thing is for sure though, this baby will be born with a badass combover. Hopefully have super powers as well. Much love from Beau and Lights (and player 3).

Saying goodbye to the bæs :’/ #backtowork #HollowBodiesTour
When the boyfriend won’t love you😩@ kristopherzay


She fell over with that face the moment I started rubbing her belly

Belly scratches are heaven to a pig.